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Wheel-Type Energy Recovery Ventilators

Model WEHC

Model WE Energy Recovery Ventilators provide affordable outside ventilation by combining the Carnes Energy Recovery Wheel with a make-up air handler and an exhaust fan into a compact package that minimizes capital investment and maximizes payback for heating and cooling equipment. Units available for both inside and outside mounting. Complete controls available.

Model WM_A Mini Systems

Carnes Model WM Energy Recovery Mini System provides affordable preconditioned ventilation air, flexible design, and multiple supplemental heating/cooling options.

Affordable enthalpy wheel precondition and tempered ventilation air, with flexible and customizable design.

  • Enthalpy wheel 3A molecular sieve desiccant for maximum recovery and mininum cross contamination.
  • Heavy duty painted steel cabinet with 1" or 2" thick double wall.
  • 6 standard duct arrangements, special configurations available.
  • DX or chilled liquid cooling; electric, hot liquid, or gas heat.
  • VFD enthalpy wheel drive and fan drives. Complete control options.