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Light Commercial, Residential, and Condominium Steam Humidifiers

Two Sizes Available

Size 005 satisfies areas up through 1400 square feet. Size 010 will humidify areas up through 2800 square feet under normal conditions. If multiple furnaces are used, a separate humidifier should be used for each furnace.

Pure, Clean Steam vs. Evaporative

Because of their purity, steam humidifiers have been used in critical applications such as hospital operating rooms, computer rooms, and electronic manufacturing for years. Evaporative humidifiers do not boil water and provide a place for organisms to accumulate and grow.

Sealed Cylinder vs. Pad

The sealed disposable plastic cylinder captures the hard mineral deposits that are left behind by boiling water. Only pure steam vapor leaves the steam cylinder and the mineral residue is completely harmless. Since the water is sterilized each time the cylinder operates there is no possibility of slimy residue that is objectionable to handle.


Typical maintenance consists of changing the plastic steam cylinder after 500 to 2000 hours of operation. A "Service" light on the humidifier conveniently indicates the need for service. Changing the plastic cylinder usually takes only ten minutes. Typical evaporative humidifiers do not have any indication of their need for service and no warning is given until humidity drops below the desired levels.

Modulating Control vs. On-Off

A highly desirable feature of Carnes humidifiers is the ability to modulate the output to meet humidity requirements. This option allows the humidifier to automatically adjust its output to match the amount of humidity required. Evaporative humidifiers are either on or off, allowing humidity levels to fluctuate which can provide spikes of low and high humidity.