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Carnes has introduced a simple, yet very effective, efficient, and informative circuit board feature, that assists in monitoring the humidification operation of the humidifier. Integral to the circuit board is a Microprocessor, true LCD touchscreen, Digital Display and LED indicator lights. In combination, these features maximize energy efficiency, provide enhancements that describe operating conditions and the diagnostic functions assist in simplifying troubleshooting to reduce maintenance costs. These features are available on all Carnes Humidifiers whether for Industrial / Commercial use or Residential applications. Carnes Humidifiers are stand alone units capable of providing 5 to 200 lbs/hr output. The humidifiers use untreated tap water (potable) and convert it to 100% sterile steam in disposable cylinders that eliminate messy, time consuming cleaning to reduce costs.

Commercial, Industrial, Institutional Steam Humidifiers -
"H" Design Series

Carnes microprocessor controlled steam humidifiers are designed for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications and feature a true LCD touchscreen control display that indicates specific detail values, such as steam output and humidistat demand. Indicators and LED's show the operational status of all functions and assist in the troubleshooting of the unit should a fault occur. Steam output capacities from 5 to 200 pounds per hour (2.3-90.8 kg/hr) are available.

Light Commercial, Residential, Condominium Steam Humidifiers
Model HRAB

Carnes HRAB humidifiers are designed for light commercial and premier home or condominium applications. Two sizes, five or ten pounds per hour, are available. The units feature special components for quiet, reliable operation and generate pure steam vapor in disposable plastic cylinders. The cylinders capture the solid minerals from water and the cylinder is easily changed in ten minutes after 500 to 2000 hours of operation.

Short Absorption Manifolds -
Model HXMA

Carnes short absorption manifolds are available for use with electronically controlled steam humidifiers. The design provides dry steam with extremely short absorption distances. The units are factory assembled to reduce installation time and feature stainless steel manifolds and distribution tubes on three inch centers. Absorption distances may be calculated using the procedure in the product brochure.

Carnes Replacement Parts and Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manuals

Information on current and all previous models is available:

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Humidifier and Replacement Parts Fast Ship Program

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